Using CBD products to improve your health has become increasingly popular in the last few years, although the practice has existed for millennia. Today’s CBD products include everything from oils, tinctures, vape products, capsules, topicals, serums, bath products and so on. Of all the different ways to integrate CBD into your daily regime, there are several popular methods available for introducing CBD into your system effectively.

When the CBD market first started to grow in popularity, the most readily available supplement containing CBD was CBD oil and tinctures. CBD oils are still the most common CBD product available on the market today, and just about every health and Wellness Company that works with CBD offers CBD oil. As popular as this method is today, many people still do not enjoy the taste of CBD oil, or find placing oil under their tongue uncomfortable. Of course, CBD oils tend to be a more expensive method, largely due to the desire for higher CBD milligram strength oils.
CBD topicals and rubs that can be applied directly on the skin near sore and inflamed areas have become readily available in the market place. Sufferers of joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, and back pain continually gravitate towards this method. It is important to note, however, that as effective as CBD topicals have shown to be, your own skin is your greatest enemy.

In a very real sense, your skin is designed to NOT absorb. The filtration process of your skin has tighter security than an international airport. It’s function in most cases is to block bacteria, chemicals, and organic compounds from ever reaching your blood stream.
In order to be effective, CBD topicals and CBD salves must be engineered to work with compounds that your skin will allow to penetrate and absorb into your blood stream. This is not a simple science, and likely 9 out of 10 of the CBD topicals out there do not even know this, let alone have the pharmaceutical wherewithal to engineer topical formulas that improve the penetration and absorption rates. CBD topicals are generally the least expensive solution. This is partly because there are less milligrams of CBD in most CBD topicals. You should note of CBD topicals that have over 500mg of CBD in them, you are paying a premium price for a level of CBD concentration your skin will not absorb!

Lastly, there are CBD capsules. Capsules are not a new delivery system by any means, but one that is less popular than CBD oils since most people associate . with the pills they are trying to take less of. Yet, there is a reason why doctors introduce medicine through the digestive tract… it’s effective.
CBD capsules are essentially CBD oil put into a dissoluble pouch. Each of these “pouches” are the same size and have the same amount of CBD oil in each capsule. The dosage is consistent from one capsule to the next. This is different from CBD oil and CBD topicals which have a slight variance. Since you are placing the whole of the capsule into your system you can be certain that in every serving the dosage is the same; the same amount of CBD is measured and placed in each individual capsule.

In the last few years we have seen the popularity of CBD skyrocket. As more and more people see the same results through an easier method of delivery such as their popularity will rise far above CBD oils.