Natures Garden for Health is a trusted platform where we ensure our client’s privacy at all costs. We have drafted a well-suited privacy policy that ensures the protection of our client’s data and information. Read the full privacy policy before proceeding on our website.

Overview of the Privacy Policy

Natures Garden for Health obtains clients’ data from the website to improve user experience. We ensure data integrity by observing several data protection techniques. We hold the right to take actions against any individual who tries to steal the data on our website including images, content, videos, products, etc. under copyright issues. Our basic aim is to improve the user experience on our website.

We keep updating the privacy policy on our website; therefore, the customers are advised to read the modified privacy policy before shopping from the website.

Data Collection

Natures Garden for Health collects the following data from the user visiting the website:

  • Identity information
  • Contact information
  • Shipping information
  • Billing information
  • Demographics information

Usage of Collected Data

Natures Garden for Health collects the data to improve their services rendered to the client. The data helps us in product development along with improving policies and processes.

We tend to improve customer satisfaction by improving our services as per the customer’s needs and requirements through the acquired data. Furthermore, the data helps us to stay connected with our customers through email and SMS marketing.


Natures Garden for Health collects cookies from the website that are small files stored in the hard drive as per customer’s consent. You will see a pop-up message asking for your permission to use the cookies.

The cookies collection helps us to improve the site performance by monitoring the traffic and keeping a track of customer’s activity on the website. By reading the data, we offer tailored services to the customers to ensure they get the best customer experience on our website.

Selling Data

Natures Garden for Health does not sell the user data to any third party. Do not click on the links that are on the website for copyrights or citation purposes.

We run malware scans on our customer’s data every day to ensure that no third party can use it for their malicious reasons.